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Welcome to Yap Swee Leong's Complete and Versatile Product Range

At Yap Swee Leong, we aim to help our customers understand their needs better. From ABS / EBS to LED lamps, Tire Inflation Systems, and Air Suspension Systems, our dedication to safety in all our products is our main priority. This explains why we care so much that only the most trusted, reliable and cost-saving products are offered to our customers. To give you a better understanding of our complete range, please take a moment to view the following descriptions:

SuperB Circle
We offer a whole range of trailer component parts, air valves, landing gear and kingpins under the SuperB Circle brand name. SuperB Circle is wholly developed by us after years of research and testing. SuperB Circle is not only an extension to our widely accepted product range; it is also cost saving and highly reliable, aimed at those who appreciate high performance and safety.
If what you need is a stable, modular, and easy to maintain complete trailer axle and suspension system for medium and heavy-duty vehicles, then look no further. Our complete trailer system includes disc and drum brake axles, tyre inflation system together with air suspension.
Haldex is the leading name in developing and manufacturing brake systems for heavy trucks, trailers and buses. The product offering covers all primary components and subsystems such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Braking System (EBS), Trailer Roll Stability (TRS), Air Suspension Control System, Air Control Valves, Automatic Brake Adjusters (ABA), Disc Brakes, Trailer Control Module+ Safe Parking (TrCM+ Safe Parking). Haldex's modular design is highly versatile, allowing them to be easily installed and maintained.
Yap Swee Leong is the sole distributor for Firestone Air Springs in Malaysia. Air spring provides various advantages over conventional springs such as increased vehicle stability, maintaining vehicle level, adjustable based on vehicle load and road conditions, preventing suspension fatigue, increased suspension performance, safer ride and increased comfort. All these benefits translates into longer vehicle life, lower operating costs, less downtime and fewer damage claims against damaged cargo.
Today, Parlok is one of the leading manufacturers of Spray Suppression Systems for the commercial vehicle industry. In addition to mudguards, Parlok also carries fire-extinguishers box and other which is well known for being superior in strength and durability. The robust qualities of High Density Polyethylene ensure that Parlok products can withstand the extremes of weather and operating conditions.
For modern generation with new business model, Phoenix helps to up-grade vehicles' gross weight to made maximum profits. Hence, Phoenix provides simple and efficient under-carriage conversion mechanism to the local transportation industry, i.e. from the pneumatic and mechanical suspensions for trucks and prime movers to the 6x2 mid and tag kits. Phoenix leads the way to achieve mutual benefits.Our counter point in UK, Phoenix Axles & Suspensions Ltd., has worked closely with Phoenix Far East Sdn Bhd for a considerable time, supplying specialist axles and suspensions and technical support for modification of vehicles and buses.

For a better monitoring with costs effective operations, Phoenix offers the full range of Fleet Management Systems as GPS tracking device, Navigator for data logging, Fuel Consumption Monitoring Equipment and Road Speed Limiters, Phoenix provides installations and maintenance services. Meter Repairing and Speed Calibrations are also part of our daily activities.

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz spare parts have always been one of the more popular products that Perfect Machining carries. Visit Perfect Machining for your Mercedes Benz spare parts and chances are, most often than not you will find those spare parts that you have been searching for.
Be the new or used Scania / Volvo spare parts, rest assured Yap Swee Leong is here to help. Always insist on your warranty when you purchase Yap Swee Leong’s OEM or original Scania/Volvo spare parts. Better still, enquire about the manufacturer’s warranty too, and we will be more than glad to offer you that as well.
Currently, APTRANS is one of the leading suppliers of plastic accessories for industrial and commercial vehicles. Our leadership in the market is achieved through the constant attention to the market’s needs and the continual research for high quality materials and products. The functionality of APTRANS products is guaranteed by the most advanced technologies designed for the fabrication of the latest plastic materials. The injection molding technologies allows the achievement of accurate shapes in essential products such Plastic Toolbox, Impact Buffer, Side Protection System, Wheel Chocks, Water Tanks and Fire Extinguisher Box.