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About Us

The goals of Yap Swee Leong Sdn Bhd (YSL) are to prosper and be recognized as a global leader in the supply of transport equipment across the ASEAN region that focuses on safety, service, quality and reliability. In achieving its mission, the Group is guided by the following principles:

Safety is our assurance
We always ensure on safety of the vehicles by offering quality products such as Anti-Lock Braking system (ABS / EBS), LED Lamps, Tire Inflation System, Air Suspension and etc.
Customer service is our top priority
Our work centers around our customer’s needs, providing consultation and support for our transport equipment in the following areas; specialized installation, service and maintenance.
Quality is second to none
To achieve customer satisfaction; the quality of our transport equipment is of utmost importance. Therefore, we always test and ensure our transport equipment complies with the industry safety standard.
Reliability is part of our life
We must understand that our customer’s needs are ever changing and must therefore, learn to customize our transport equipment solutions to these needs.
Innovation is essential to our business
To drive our business to greater successes; we must continuously strive for new developments and technologies in our transport equipment.
A Brighter Future Ahead

With the setting up of the fully operational and integrated facilities, YSL will emerge as an undisputed leader in the transport equipment industry. To further strengthen its position in the industry, YSL has undertaken the following steps:

To expand aggressively into potential countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Philippines by setting up a network of operation centers.
To intensify its local operations further especially in the commercial and heavy vehicle sectors.
To invest in the state-of-the-art testing equipment to streamline the inspection, calibration and service processes.
To enhance its fully integrated services and solutions between Peninsula and East Malaysia.