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A New Revolution in
Transport Equipment

As Malaysia continues to move into being a developed country come 2020, the focus on economic growth has never been greater. With new revolutions in every industry towards greater economic growth, the transport equipment industry must also move ahead towards greater heights.

Bearing this in mind, Mr. Yap Swee Leong has always known that his passion lies in the transport equipment industry from his humble beginning as a Sales Representative selling spare parts 40 years ago. With his burning passion and great entrepreneurial skills, he set up Yap Swee Leong Sdn Bhd (YSL) in 1982, capitalizing on Malaysia’s explosive economic growth.

Since 1982, YSL has metamorphosed into one of the select few important players in the industry. After setting industry standards for more than two decades, YSL has again added a new chapter in its colourful journey by setting up its new factory, retail, and warehouse; all under one roof spanning across over 2.7 acres of land.

YSL believes that these facilities will provide better services toward customers’ needs and reinforce its market leadership in the transport equipment industry.