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About Us
Continuously Innovating and Streamlining Its Operations

Since its inception in 1982, YSL has gradually established itself as a leader in the transport equipment industry in Malaysia. It has continuously embraced new methods and processes so as to be able to expand further, compete in the future and differentiate itself from competition.

Among those that YSL continues to improve on are as follow:

 ›  Establishing training centers for the specialized installation, service and maintenance of our range of transport equipment.
 ›  Streamlining after-sales service through providing of consultation and transport from our technical and design division.
 ›  Focusing on technical support in product development for the Original Equipment Market (OEM).
 ›  Diversifying into components manufacturing to better customize our solutions to customers.

As a focussed organization, with their trust & partnership which is built to offer the best solutions for your transportation needs, YSL is affiliated to its sister companies, namely:

Perfect Machining Sdn Bhd
A renowned distributor of Mercedes Benz passenger car spare parts.
Phoenix Far East Sdn Bhd
The company supplies, distributes, assembly of heavy undercarriage vehicle parts and accessories in the transportation and trucking industries such as thrid axle conversion sets, drive axle air suspension units, chassis modification tracking and fleet management systems, speed control units, meter repairs and etc.
Transhasil Sdn Bhd
The company is an established distributor of Volvo, Mercedes Benz and Scania heavy truck equipment with an integrated distribution network through Malaysia.
Swee Guan Seng Pte Ltd (Singapore)
This is YSL’s maiden venture into international markets with focus on the exports of Haldex & Meritor products to South East Asia region.