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Company History

Yap Swee Leong Sdn Bhd (YSL) firmly believes that its unwavering dedication to safety, uncompromising commitment to quality, and steadfast focus on reliability not only meet but exceed customers’ demands. This dedication serves as the cornerstone of our commitment to maintaining our prominent position as market leaders in the transport equipment industry.

Industry Dominance and Leadership

As Malaysia strides steadily towards becoming a fully developed nation by 2020, the imperative for economic growth has never been more pronounced. In an era marked by transformative changes across all sectors, the transport equipment industry must ascend to unprecedented heights.

With this forward-looking perspective, Mr. Yap Swee Leong has always recognized that his true calling lies in the transport equipment industry, tracing back to his modest beginnings as a Sales Representative peddling spare parts four decades ago. Fueled by an unrelenting passion and remarkable entrepreneurial acumen, he laid the foundation for Yap Swee Leong Sdn Bhd (YSL) in 1982, strategically positioned to leverage Malaysia’s explosive economic expansion.

Since its inception in 1982, YSL has evolved into one of the industry’s distinguished stalwarts. As the arbiter of industry benchmarks for more than two decades, YSL has once again scripted a new chapter in its illustrious journey with the establishment of a state-of-the-art facility that encompasses a factory, retail space, and warehouse, all under one expansive roof, sprawling over 2.7 acres of land. YSL firmly believes that these world-class facilities are poised to revolutionize customer service, reinforcing its unassailable market leadership within the transport equipment industry.



Commence operations as a supplier of spare parts for Mercedes Benz, Bedford, Ford and Volvo truck.


Our Subsidiary company, Perfect Mechining Sdn Bhd started supplying spare parts for Mercedes Benz passenger cars.


Our company expanded its range to include trailer components.


Midland Grau’s trust in us was further strengthened by our appointment as the sole distributor for ABS in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei. Our product range was expanded to include air suspension systems for trailers.


Jantas Jant Sannyi Ve Ticaret A.S., Turkey (presently known as Hayes Lemmerz) appointed Yap Swee Leong Sdn Bhd, as the sole distributor of commercial vehicles wheel rims in Malaysia.


Our Midland Grau distributorship was expanded to Singapore. Firestone, US confirmed Yap Swee Leong Sdn Bhd appointment as the sole distributor of Air Springs in Malaysia.


Appointed as the official distributor and authorized sole agent for ROR (presently known as Arvin Meritor) products. Establishing a training school for specialized installation, service and Maintenance of ABS / EBS. Providing technical product support for product development for the Original Equipment Market (OEM).


Began assembling axle & suspension system locally for heavy-duty trailers.


Setting up of new factory, retail, and warehouse; all under one roof spanning across over 2.7 acres of land.


Launching of new products which include the following:

  • Firestone Ride Rite – air helper spring for four-wheel-drive’s light trucks and van.
  • Haldex TKs, EBs – new Electronic Braking System (EBS).
  • SuperB Circle – Landing gear, Fifthwheel, Air Brake Components, etc.
  • Arvin Meritor – Disc Brakes, Tire Inflation Systems, etc.

Introduced comprehensive hydraulic loading and unloading systems for trucks, trailers and tankers. Binotto – Front-end cylinders, Under-body cylinders, Oil tanks, Gear and piston pumps, PTO, Valves, End of strokes, Cab control devices.


Launched a new range of products under Aptrans:

  • Plastic Toolbox
  • Impact Buffer
  • Side Protection System,
  • Wheel Chocks
  • Water Tanks
  • Fire Extinguisher Box


Yap Swee Leong Sdn Bhd (YSL) envisions becoming a global leader in supplying transport equipment across the ASEAN region, renowned for our unwavering commitment to safety, service, quality, and reliability.


The goals of Yap Swee Leong Sdn Bhd (YSL) are to prosper and be recognized as a global leader in the supply of transport equipment across the ASEAN region that focuses on safety, service, quality and reliability. In achieving its mission, the Group is guided by the following principles:

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